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About: A group designated for the crack world of Left 4 Middle School, a place where Special Infected can educate and become educated. (Basically an RP group for L4D OCs set in a city where the locals live among the infected as one society)

:star: Be nice to other members.
:star: Only submit art with approved characters.
:star: Art with family of approved characters is allowed as long as the art piece contains an approved character.
:star: If you're going to draw characters that don't belong to you, ASK FIRST.
:star: If you've asked and you're drawing characters that don't belong to you, FOLLOW THE REF.
:star: Nothing TOO EXTREME in the artwork please, if you know what I mean.
:star: Don't pair characters that don't belong to you, unless you ask.
:star: Due to being a group based off a video game, bloodlines tied to other videogame characters for your OC are acceptable. (I.E. Scuttle and Knaw being related to the Hood Family; Altair, AlexMercer, GLaDOS, etc.) However, if the video game character is already taken you may not use them.
:star: The average member is only allowed to have two characters. HOWEVER, on request, special permission for a third character can be granted.

The following rules are for those who wish to ROLEPLAY in the chatrooms. The rules above pertain to only those who wish to submit art.

Chatroom Rules
:star: You can only role play as your own characters. (Family members of the approved character are acceptable)
:star: You cannot role play as characters that have not been approved.
:star: Use Parenthesis around your posts when you are not role playing but still feel the need to get your two cents in.
:star: Try to keep it appropriate, AKA: Don't role play anything you might be banned for.
:star: If your character is a student, ACT THEIR AGE. No drugs, alcohol, etc.
:star: Keep the emo to a minimum, AKA no wrist slicing, suicide, etc.
:star: No pedophilia.
:star: NO SELF INSERTION. With the exception of the admins as they run the school.
:star: No GodModing. In short, you only know as much as the character does and do not control the actions of others.
Founded 4 Years ago
Mar 25, 2010


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767 Members
871 Watchers
111,584 Pageviews
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Character List

:star:L4MS Chatroom:star:

:star:L4HS Chatroom:star:

:star:L4MS AU Chatroom:star:

:bulletblue:Want to submit a character to L4MS?:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Please read L4MS: The Basics :bulletblue:

:bulletred:IF YOU WISH TO LEAVE L4MS, note the group saying so and we will withdraw your characters.:bulletred:


JoElle - Tank - Film as Lit. Teacher
Olivette - Hunter - History Teacher
Vance Tazin - Hunter - War History Teacher
Dr. Austin Chale - Smoker - Epicology
Mike Kros - Hunter - Gym/Health Teacher
Lucientes - Hunter - Electronic Musical Arts Teacher
Hector - Mudman - Choir Teacher
Jiji - Hunter - Art 1 Teacher
Kliment Bartoszewicz - Screamer - Drama Teacher
Shane Goodchild - Jockey - Mechanics Teacher
Lauri Pace - Immune - Substitute Teacher/Tutor


Bane - Immune - Principal
Ikan - Immune - Vice Principal
Logan Shitgetsreal - Tank - Activities Director
Phineas - Hunter - Baseball Coach
Shawty B - Hunter - Basketball Coach
Lunch Staff:
Zachary - Witch - School Chef
Lanuca Robertson - Immune - Hall Monitor
Quincey - Screamer - Janitor

Local Vendors

Aarin Reevis - Jockey/Spitter - Owns R&R Arcade
Alejandro Jimenez - Hunter - Butler/Sub-Chef at Butler Cafe
Alexa Wolfe - Hunter - Owns Lexi’s Tatts
Crash E - Hunter/Witch - Works at J.J. Scoops
Dorian - Witch - Owns Costume Store
Edward - Jockey/Screamer - Owns Local Cinema
James - Smoker - Owns the Arcade
Kenneth - Spitter - Owns Reanimation Tea Garden
Luu - Hunter - Works at Food Mart
Mika Veara - Witch - Employee at the Chocolate Banana
Roman - Spitter - Owns Book/Flower Shop
Scrapp - Smoker - Owns Trigger Happy
Scuttle Miles - Hunter - Manager at J.J. Scoops
Snaggle Marie Daniels - Hunter - Owns Zombie Gearz
Russell G. Oats - Common - Owns Bowling Works
Winston - Immune - Owns Lemonade Stand
Vadik Chazov - Witch - Owns ll corsetto piccolo
Vinta Coleman - Common - Owns “Vinta’s Bakery”
Zoey - Hunter/Witch - Works at J.J. Scoops


Aki - Hunter
Casey - Hunter
Daniel Moore - Hunter
Delilah Keirst - Hunter
Fido - Hunter
Flynn - Hunter
Hunter - Hunter
Katie Rachen - Hunter
Knaw Miles - Hunter
Nate Jones - Hunter
Sam - Hunter
Zipper Daniels - Hunter

Abril Evans - Smoker
Anna - Smoker
Belpheobe - Smoker
Conrad - Smoker
Havel Madison - Smoker
Ken - Smoker
Lem - Smoker
Ray Emerson - Smoker
Skeet - Smoker

Alexis Season - Witch
April Cross-Knight - Witch
Astra - Witch
Haven Lachance - Witch
Lucas - Witch
Renna - Witch
Sally - Witch
Willow - Witch

Cornelia "Corny" Jenkins - Jockey
Felicity - Jockey
Jacques “Jack” Maclin - Jockey

MaggieRet "Ret" Weber - Charger

Bianca - Spitter
Cornelia “Nell” Harkan - Spitter
Regan "Reg" Bäcker - Spitter

Banshee - Screamer

Alexandria - Common
Ariana Simmons - Common
Cole Spencer - Fallen Survivor
Jay - Common

Aikaterine - Hunter/Witch
Aiko Raven - Hunter/Witch
Bae Mark Thaede - Screamer/Tank
Joshua - Common/Smoker
Mark - Common/Jockey
Smog - Hunter/Smoker
Sythe - Tank/Witch
Tammy Jones - Screamer/Smoker
Trent Ventulez - Jockey/Screamer
Tyler - Hunter/Witch
Zeke - Jockey/Witch

Carlos - Immune



Gallery Folders

deviation in storage by aliwababe


This is your Vice Principal speaking, ahem: I realize summer is a time for warm beaches, ice cream, and sleeping in. However, since our school's truancy rate is through the roof, we have implemented a mandatory summer school program. Fear not, this program will only be a fraction of your time, giving you more time to 'game it out' with your 'bros' or go shopping with your 'girlfriends.' *reads preceding line uncomfortably* Anyway, I hope you find this addition to your summer harmless and fun! Enjoy your break...while it still lasts.


June 15 :: Father's Day is just around the corner! Spend time with your dad, older brother, or any other father-like figure by going fishing, walking in the park, watching the game together, treating him to dinner, or anything else! Don't forget a gift! YOU CAN STILL SUBMIT WORK FOR THIS
June 19--21 :: Summer Bash is coming to the city! A city wide celebration with food, music, parties, and balloons! Time for vendors to promote themselves and students to delve deep into the festivities! Don't forget your FREE balloon!
June 30 :: Cake Day What's not to love? Although it's not the official Nov. 26th Cake Day, when is a bad time to celebrate cake? Never, that's when! Stop by any local bakery for a free cake, cheesecake, or dozen cupcakes! Dig in everyone!
July 4 :: INDEPENDENCE DAY more info on this to come. Art and RP related to this.

Draw students enjoying their summer...or school! Ice cream and arcades are teenage hot spots, while beaches and movie theaters are where the high schoolers seem to hang around, but feel free to draw your character and/or their friends wherever! I encourage you to draw something for the upcoming events as well!

For those who enjoy roleplaying in the chatrooms, please do not hesitate to enter! I'll try to be in there when I can in the evenings. If no one is in there, try and wait for a bit. Roleplaying is a great way to meet new people, interact, and create friendships... or rivalries. You can also partake in events through the chatroom in RP!
:new:THERE WILL BE A RP EVENT FOR THE SUMMER BASH THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 21st. START TIMES: (5pm Pacific. 6pm Mountain. 7pm Central. 8pm Eastern.)

Just a small test to see if you are ACTIVE:

Comment below that you are alive.
What you are looking forward to most this summer for this group AND/OR what you want to see happen this summer for this group!
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